Nagnata was founded on the ethos of sustainably-minded design. 

 Making new fashion is not sustainable. The fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter, behind the oil industry. The environmental pollutants from manufacturing and the amount of discarded garments and textiles that end up as landfill each year, make for one incredibly dirty and wasteful industry. 

To be truly sustainable is to be regenerative, which is why we use the mantra 'sustainably minded’ as we are committed to making the most environmentally conscious choices available. in all areas of our business. With so much greenwashing in the fashion industry we are conscious about the way we communicate with our community. We are honest about the areas in which we are successfully innovating and also acknowledge the obstacles we encounter in both business and product development. 

 Nagnata is focused on pushing boundaries in the industry through textile innovation. By applying advanced technology to the properties of organic, natural and renewable fibres, we have created the technical knit fabrications synonymous with the brand today. The sports industry is primarily focused on using synthetic fibres for performance garments. We continue to challenge this approach, exploring new ways to integrate sustainable fibres and further reduce synthetics in Nagnata garments. Further to this we are committed to minimising the overall waste of raw materials in fashion, opting to work primarily with engineered knits over cut and sew garments. 

 Nagnata encourages a culture of conscious consumerism by designing premium products that offer versatility and longevity. This is reflected in our brand mantra ‘movements not seasons, our ongoing responsibility to not overproduce and support the slow fashion movement.  

zhen zip thru sweater organic cotton nagnata minimal waste innovation design

model wears avika tank merino innovation design technical knitwear

model wears zhen zip thru innovation design technical knitwear
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