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Printing & Dyes

All dyes used to create Nagnata garments are low impact, Azo-free. These dyes do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds which liberate amines. These dyes are eco-friendly and eliminate the use of toxic compounds. Azo-free dyes have a higher absorption rate reducing the use of chemicals, giving out lesser water wastage into the environment. The absorption rate into the clothing goes up to 70%, making the dye eco-friendly. These dyes do not contain the use of heavy metals, which makes it more sensitive towards the environment as well as human health. 

With the introduction of our ART + activism tee shirts, we chose to work only with water-based ink. Other print techniques use plastics and fixatives, which have a higher chemical component and originate from fossil fuels.

Nagnata is incorporating natural dyes into the contemporary movement lines. These dyes are derived from the earth allowing the brand to merge the artisanal and technical, creating a more regenerative production model.    

E-Commerce Shipping

In 2019 we implemented Better Packaging into our e-commerce business. These bags are made partly from plants in a zero waste process by a carbon neutral company whose mission is to design out waste.

Made from corn starch, PLA (synthesised from corn) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). This combination of materials represents a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics, is non-toxic and contains no Phthalate or Bisphenol A (BPA). These bags are both biodegradable and compostable. 


Nagnata has been able to significantly reduce the use of synthetics in our products, but it is the plastics that you don’t see that we are working to improve. Industry standards require garments to be individually wrapped for import and export. Our current packaging is LDPE4 – Low density polyurethane which is 100% recyclable. Compostable bags are available but are more difficult to dispose of correctly on a commercial scale creating a bigger problem.

By keeping non-virgin soft plastics in our business for shipping only, we are able to recycle and create a circular solution. We consistently work with our suppliers to ensure the most sustainable practices are being implemented, as technology and information evolves.

Tote Bags

All in store purchases and e-commerce orders over $300 are packaged in a reusable, unbleached organic cotton Nagnata tote bag.


Our promotional postcards are recycled card stock made in Australia from 100% post-consumer waste. These are printed locally in Byron Bay.


All external packaging for Nagnata accessories (soap and depillar) are made in China from the same factory, both made from 100% recycled card stock. Our soaps are handmade locally in Billinudgel and packaged at Nagnata HQ. The depillars are made in close proximity to the packing factory.

Swing tags and security tags

Our Nagnata swing tags are not currently made from recycled card stock but we have begun redesigning these in a more sustainable way and will be available from Movement 11. They do currently use environmentally friendly ink.

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