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Nagnata is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand informed by movement and mind practices. Sustainability, inclusivity and a celebration of diverse culture are at the heart of our process. Founded on the philosophy of sustainably minded design, Nagnata’s considered approach to design holds a respect for honesty of material and its impact on both the body and the planet. 

Merging the natural properties of organic and renewable fibres with technology and innovation, Nagnata collections continue to realise the studio to street lifestyle, blurring the lines between technical sportswear and fashion. Nagnata’s ongoing exploration of sustainability as a culture extends beyond the materials and manufacturing of a garment. Nagnata is challenging the industry standards and our responsibility as a brand. Nagnata’s founding mantra Movements Not Seasons; is a gesture towards a free approach to seasonality. 

Continuing Nagnata’s aspirations for inclusivity and community we introduced our first genderless movement in 2020; SAMA. SAMA styles are not exclusively masculine or feminine and are staples of the Nagnata uniform, designed to share. 

The Nagnata lifestyle embodies movement, art and activism and we are happy to open our world to everyone.  


Nagnata is the collaborative creation of sister design-duo Laura May and Hannah Gibbs. Informed by Laura May’s experiences working as a fashion designer and creative director, combined with Hannah’s background as a textile artist and photographer, together they forged the contemporary movement knitwear aesthetic that is now synonymous with the brand.

Nagnata was founded by Laura May with the vision to contribute to a more sustainable business model within the fashion industry. Nagnata’s intention is to create a multifaceted platform merging fashion with fair trade, community-focused initiatives and humanitarian work not often associated with fashion brands. Incorporating dance, yoga, movement and mind practices integrated from eastern and western culture the brand embodies a healthy and conscious lifestyle. With a small but growing team based between Byron Bay, Sydney, New York and Los Angeles, Nagnata is a collective of creative minds and big hearts. With a unified vision and strong social sensibilities, Nagnata is committed to our own educational evolution, encouraging unity and cultivating learning in our community. 


Nagnata was founded on the ethos of conscious design and the interrelationship between art and activism. Drawing from our roots to inform the future, we’re dedicated to effecting positive change within our industry through creativity and innovation. 

In 2015, designer and Nagnata founder, Laura May, saw an opportunity to redefine industry values and challenge the rampant consumerism of fast fashion that was pervasive at the time. The brand’s original business strategy and slow fashion blueprint was a natural evolution of her extensive study of yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophies. Led by a focus on mindfulness and a considered design process these disciplines also inspired the Nagnata uniform; intended for movement with an emphasis on versatility, functionality, and sustainability. 

Nagnata is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘nagnatA’, which translates as ‘nakedness’ – alluding to one’s natural state. This relates to the practice of yoga as a pathway intended to gradually reveal one's authentic self by moving through internal resistance. This sense of purity and authenticity is woven through the brand’s manufacturing process, our intention for transparency, and to positively influence and contribute to community. The Nagnata mandala logo was designed as a visual embodiment of interconnectedness and the brand’s commitment towards a more united and inclusive global community.

Now more than ever, we’re meeting our founding ideals and intentions with focused action. Our roadmap to a more sustainable future is an ambitious one, but with clarity of vision and staunch commitment, we believe we can do it. 
Time is no longer an available luxury in the face of environmental collapse. We must all move swiftly and decisively in the direction of restoring our planet to equilibrium for future generations. Our aim is to create a new blueprint for fashion businesses – one that makes true sustainability an accessible reality. We hope to inspire and empower others in our industry to use their own unique creativity and resources to join us in working towards a regenerative future.

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