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We recommend you care for your NAGNATA knitwear in the same way you would a treasured wool or cashmere knit. A gentle hand wash or spot clean is always recommended for ultimate care, even for machine washable styles. Do not soak your NAG. garments, we often recommend wrapping a towel around your garment/s to remove any excess water from handwashing before laying flat in the shade to dry. We highly recommend using our NAGNATA natural hand wash soap bar as its gentle properties care for your knitwear as you clean. Shop our soap bar here.


Because we use high contents of natural, organic and renewable fibres our garments are highly breathable. Meaning they don't trap sweat and odour against your skin in the way synthetics do, so you will find they don't get smelly as nylon and polyester synthetic activewear. A quick spot clean to the crotch or underarm is all you need sometimes. Our tops we may only wash every few weeks and sweaters on occasion if they're dirty. It's important to note; because we still need to use minimal synthetics for stretch in our performance line, when washing this could still release tiny micro fibres into the water. This happens regardless of whether the synthetics are recycled or not, hence why less washing is best. Choosing natural fibres over synthetics helps protects our waterways. At NAGNATA we are constantly innovating and pushing our sustainability, soon to be incorporating recycled synthetic yarns to replace the small percentage of synthetics we use.


Sitting on rough surfaces (e.g. concrete) or our handbags rubbing can over time cause little pills and balls of yarn to appear, you can use a de-piller to easily remove. Shop our de piller here. If you snag your knit and a longer yarn thread appears, you are ok to knot it and snip. It shouldn't run, just be careful not to snip the fabric. The reason pills and snags occur more easily in organic cotton, merino wool and natural fibre garments is because the yarns are shorter - think about the length of a piece of wool from a sheep’s fleece, it’s not that long. So it's normal for them to appear as subtle loose fibres on the surface of the fabric. Synthetic man-made fibres can be made in long lengths which is why they are favoured in sportwear so they don't come loose. But as these are all essentially derived from petro-chemicals we try to avoid synthetic as much as possible, and opt for the amazing naturally occurring properties of fibres like merino wool, organic cotton and hemp. Because we also care about the quality of fibre against your skin.


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