Nagnata’s founding mantra ‘movements not seasons’ is a gesture towards a free approach to seasonality. Our ready-to-wear collections work on transeasonal ‘movements’ rather than traditional fashion seasons. Each collection is an evolution of the previous and our garments are intended to be complementary, slowly building your Nagnata uniform. 

The ‘movements not seasons’ method is to ensure the brand does not overproduce and enables sustainable business growth. Our slow fashion approach also means we are creating 2 movements per year, moving away from the fast fashion model that is up to 50 fashion cycles per year. Another element of our approach is community - we listen to our customers' needs and create small injections of our most coveted pieces. 

 Nagnata does not believe clothes should be devalued at the end of a 3 month cycle. This is why as a brand we do not offer any form of sale or discount strategy online, or within our Australian and New Zealand markets. In light of this we work closely with our factories, yarn mills and their technicians to create premium product that will stand the test of time.  

model wears houndstooth colour block bralet yoni short organic cotton innovation design curvy

model wears organic cotton pieces nagnata curvy
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