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We encourage a culture of conscious consumerism by designing premium products that offer versatility and longevity. Our brand mantra – “movements not seasons” – reflects our ongoing responsibility to avoid overproducing and support the slow fashion movement. 

Nagnata advocates for a free approach to seasonality, creating ready-to-wear collections that work on trans-seasonal “movements” rather than the fast-paced, high-turnover traditional fashion model. We don’t care for trends, nor do we care for the perpetual desire for “newness” that drives rampant consumerism. Each collection we produce is an evolution of the previous and our garments are intended to be complementary, encouraging our wearers to slowly build on their Nagnata uniform. 

We do not believe clothes should be devalued at the end of a three-month cycle. This is why as a brand we rarely offer any form of sale or discount strategy online, or within our Australian and New Zealand markets. The way we see it, the value of a garment only increases as it’s worn and loved. 

 Our collections are designed for a reason, not a season.  

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