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Nagnata Founder Laura May at home for PALOMA Profiles.

Laura May spoke to her friend, creative collaborator and PALOMA Salon founder Paloma Garcia reflecting on ‘Self’-love, Self-commitment, Self-practices, Mother Earth, community and of course hair!

Sharing similar brand values and ethos around our work with climate and giving back to the community, Nagnata also collaborates on the runway with PALOMA directing hair for our Nagnata fashion shows. 

At PALOMA, the idea of ‘SELF’ is a core pillar to our brand, our service, and our community. What does ‘Self Care’ mean to you? How do you take care of yourself, and what are your ‘Self-Love’ practices and rituals?

Self-care are rituals and routines I integrate into my life that I know will support my overall wellbeing. It’s listening to our inner-self to serve our higher-self and a form of self-love. I have practices that are now deeply ingrained in my life like yoga, journaling, meditation, ocean swims and beach walks to connect to nature, saunas, bathing and bodywork. I cultivate these moments for myself daily so I can find more stillness, breathe more deeply, think more clearly and renew my energy so I can maintain the creative and sometimes chaotic life that I love to live! I designed my home in a way to reflect my lifestyle and love of self-care practices. I live by the beach and my go-to ritual at home is a late night sauna and outdoor magnesium bath under the stars. This time alone helps me connect more intimately with myself.

We love that you are part of the PALOMA community - can you share with us who you are, and what you do, so we can share with our wider community?

I am the founder, Creative Director and head designer of Nagnata. We are an Australian based contemporary lifestyle brand informed by movement and mind Practices. Our approach to design holds a respect for honesty of material and its impact on both body and the planet.

We love Mother Earth, and as a salon, are activists for ‘Sustainability’. What is your personal connection to ‘Mother Nature’? What does ‘Sustainability’ mean to you, and what practices do you incorporate in your life (or your business) to support this cause?

I have a deep respect for Mother earth, she is the source of everything in our lives, she is our teacher, our nurturer and our healer. To be truly sustainable is to be regenerative. Our ultimate goal in life, and business, should be to give back more than we take – to support the ecosystems that support us. Traditional cultures hold the wisdom we need to truly Care For Country and this is something I have explored through our environmental work at Nagnata. I believe the future of our planet depends on finding a synergy between ancient methodologies and modern technology; to further develop plans that will make an impact with climate action.

This year, what is one thing you are working on within yourself? It could be an external attribute - a goal you have, on an internal attribute - something you are working to evolve within yourself?

From a business perspective I’m working on not overcommitting myself or taking on too much work like I tend to do. I’ve lined up my major projects for the year and I want to bring these to life with my full focus, creativity and intention. Personally I’m challenging myself more physically and becoming stronger in my body. I’ve committed to learning to surf, which has been really fun and also calming spending more time in the ocean. I’m working on refining my alignment and technique in a progressive yoga practice with my teacher Fee, which really is a lifelong practice and forever evolving with my body as I grow older.

Lastly, of course we have to ask. Who does your hair at PALOMA Salon, what do you get done, and what hair products do you use?

Paloma has been cutting my hair since my early 20’s when we worked on fashion shoots together. She would see my long beachy hair and want to freshen it up with a cut between shots! Paloma and I have grown both personally and professionally alongside each other in the industry and we both now share similar values in our brands. Paloma understands me as a creative and as a business woman and we now experiment with my hairstyle more, once I finally let her cut my hair shorter! My natural style is salty, soft waves and slightly unkempt, no colour or blow waves for me! The products I’m currently using are R+Co BLEU Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner, R+Co Salt Spray & Texture Spray and Christophe Robin salt scrub that I massage into my scalp once a week.

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