Nagnata’s design sensibility integrates function and performance with a contemporary aesthetic. 

 Through engineered knitwear, minimal or zero yarn waste is achievable, compared with cut and sew garments that create fabric wastage which is a significant contributor to landfill. With 35% of all materials in the supply chain ending up as waste before a garment is even created, this is something that Nagnata has been able to negate by knitting garments to shape and avoiding fabric offcuts. 

 By using knitwear, it allows us the freedom to develop original textiles. Through this technique we have the ability to experiment with new yarn combinations and create garments that are not yet available in the active space. Not only is knitting a garment to shape the most sustainable solution, we are also able to push boundaries by blending natural and renewable fibres that are not commonly used in the fashion industry. 

 Nagnata founder Laura May, sought to create a luxury fabrication she could wear in practice that would offer support without restricting your breath. The Nagnata uniform presents a versatile wardrobe that transitions from the studio to street.  

founde laura may gibbs hannah gibbs showing organic cotton strap back crop top rib sweater

colour block bralet nagnata zero waste designer organic cottton
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