At Nagnata we believe strong personal relationships with our manufacturers are the key to successful innovation and development. With the brand being headquartered in Australia, we work primarily with China as this is the closest technical knitting manufacturing hub. Prior to starting new partnerships the Nagnata designers visit all factories and raw material suppliers to ensure that production partners and the brand are aligned. 

 At a time in the industry when so many brands moved production off-shore and communication became primarily online, we saw the value in working face to face with our technicians throughout the development process. We still find this is the best way for true collaboration, to pursue ideas and innovation. 

 Our manufacturers are WRAP certified, meet GRS standards and exceed standard requirements from BSCI. These accreditations mean that pay is above minimum wage, there is no child labor, and safe working conditions are upheld in all our factories. Our manufacturers work with third party sustainability advisors to ensure that recycling responsibilities are upheld. 

 Carbon footprint is also a consideration with our supply chain. The certified organic cotton we use in our movement-knitwear is grown, spun and knitted locally in China. Nagnata also uses Australian Merino Wool as a key part of our product. What many people don't realise is Australia does not have the machinery to spin the raw fibre into the superfine yarn we require for our performance line. The yarn suppliers we work with are in close proximity to our factories as well as The Woolmark Company development center, who test yarn quality and our final product. 

 Aside from working in China we have begun supplier relationships in California and Peru on new product lines. As the world changed in 2020 and travel was no longer possible, we refocused our attention to the opportunities that exist on home soil. We are working on an Australian based community project which we are excited to share later this year.  

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