Nagnata sought to disrupt the active market through creating a uniform for movement, moving away from using synthetic fibres commonly found in performance wear. 

 Skin is our largest organ and dermal absorption means that chemicals from our clothing can enter our system. This was the motivation for Nagnata to use the highest possible content of natural and organic fibres, to avoid skin contact with harmful pesticides and fertilisers used in conventional farming. 

 The washing of synthetic fabrics creates microfibre waste, which runs into our waterways and marine habitats. With nearly 35% of this coming from consumer households, Nagnata made the conscious decision to use the highest natural fibre content possible, without sacrificing quality. 

 Merino wool is a key part of the Nagnata collections. Australian wool growers produce the world’s finest wool using sustainable farming practices, unlike synthetics which are industrially produced from non-renewable fossil energy. Merino wool is a natural fibre grown year-round by Merino sheep, which consume a simple blend of water, grass, fresh air and sunshine. Every year these sheep produce new fleece, making wool a completely renewable fibre. Wool also has natural antibacterial properties meaning less frequent washing and when cared for properly, woollen garments will last for years. 

 Another key fibre used in Nagnata’s Movement Knitwear is organic cotton. Organically grown cotton is farmed without harmful chemicals and abides by strict environmental standards which are audited independently. Organically grown cotton sustains the health of soil, ecosystems and people, relying on the use of natural processes instead of chemicals. These natural processes lead to cleaner air, better soil, water conservation and safer environments for farmers and their families. Nagnata is working on several initiatives that support more responsible farming and water recycling that balance the production of cotton, with protecting our ecosystem and people. 

 As Nagnata continues to evolve, so do our objectives and commitments to sustainability. Moving towards using only RWS wool, fully traceable organic cotton, incorporating natural dyes, minimizing carbon emissions and implementing recycled yarns.  

model wears organic cotton retro rib sweater nami side stripe leotard nagnata

model wears merino trash tee organic cotton sweater zero waste design
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