Nagnata was founded on the ethos of sustainably-minded design which is echoed through the brand mantra - movements not seasons - our gesture towards an unrestricted approach to seasonality. The brand is rooted in conscious design and philanthropic work surrounding the fashion industry. 

 As a designer, Nagnata founder Laura May, saw an opportunity to redefine industry values and challenge the rampant consumerism of fast fashion that was prominent when the brand launched in 2017. Informed by her study of yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophies there was a natural evolution that influenced the brand’s business strategy and slow fashion blueprint. Led by a focus on mindfulness and a considered design process these disciplines also inspired the Nagnata uniform; intended for movement with an emphasis on versatility, functionality, and sustainability. 

Nagnata is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘nagnatA’, which translates as ‘nakedness’. The concept of nakedness alludes to one’s natural state. This relates to the practice of yoga as a pathway intended to reveal one’s internal resistance and return to a more authentic state of being. This authenticity is woven through the manufacturing process, the brand’s intention for transparency and to positively influence and contribute to community. The Nagnata mandala logo was designed as a visual embodiment of interconnectedness and the brand’s commitment towards a more united and inclusive global community. 

 Sanskrit is a classical language of South Asia belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. 

Laura may Gibbs founder movement yoga mat merino core seamless name side stripe yoni short
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