NAGNATA artisanal collections translate the concept of craft into a contemporary context through a range of textile up cycling projects. The NAGNATA designers travel to India to hand source antique materials and work with artisans to rework the textiles into fashion and accessory collections.

Travel informs the direction of each artisanal collection as NAGNATA draws inspiration from the places they visit. The culture, craft, available materials and skill of the maker become an intrinsic part of the creative process.

The NAGNATA artisanal line launched in 2014 with a collection of bespoke yoga mat bags handcrafted in India from embroidered textiles, upcycled from the dresses of traditional tribal women. The textiles were sourced from the rural communities of northern and western India. NAGNATA works with an artisan collective in Jaipur to restore the textiles by hand before they are repurposed into the yoga mat bags.

The artisanal bags feature intricate hand embroidery work from a variety of tribal communities with an amalgamation of styles including the work of Rabari, Jat, Suf, Khaarek, Paako, Mutava and Ahir tribes. Through the recycling of age-old fabrics the brand aspires give new life to traditional textiles, celebrating the beauty, art and culture surrounding indigenous handcraft and tradition.

NAGNATA supports the slow fashion movement and creates styles that transcend trends and generations.



THE PINK CITY ARTISANS _ NAGNATA work with a family run artisan collective located in The Pink City, Jaipur. NAGNATA worked closely with the artisans to establish the textile upcycling program and together perfect the design and make of each bespoke style. There are many stories woven into each piece and no two bags are the same.

Developing quality handcrafted products with a cultural and emotional connection is an essential aspect of the brand as NAGNATA aims to redefine value and challenge the rampant consumerism engendered by fast fashion.


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UPCYCLED EMBELLISHMENT _ The artisanal yoga mat bags are finished with two main styles of straps. The embellished straps are repurposed from Indian ceremonial tribal pieces and adorned with old coins, mirrors and hand beading work. The woven strap straps are authentic vintage pieces from Afghanistan and styled back with the muted Jat tribe embroidery work on the bags.

The beaded circles are sourced from traditional Afghan ceremonial dress. The back side of the bags are contrasted using recycled Indian kantha fabric with hand stitching, block print and vegetable dip-dye details.


NAGNATA is a brand that values tradition while looking towards the future.