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From Mallorca to Malibu, Nagnata muse Carlos Darder shares what he loves about these coastal destinations, photography and where he draws his inspiration. 

What do you love about Malibu? What do you love about Mallorca?I love the memories I have there with my partner in Malibu. Regarding Mallorca, I love the sea and it reminds me to my home in Majorca. I love the peace Ballearic Islands give me every time I get back there. It's like a healing process for me. 

Can you share a memorable moment from the shoot?Jumping in the sand with Richie and running into the sea! 

Where is your favourite location that you have shot/been shot in?That I have shot, I would say in LA. Everything around LA is crazy inspiring for me! My favourite place I have been shot is in Richie's studio! 

What is your number one item you cannot travel without?My camera. 

You’re also a photographer, do you prefer to be behind or in front of the lens?Always behind of the camera! I enjoy it so muchhhhh! Makes me feel alive. 

Where do you draw your inspiration?From moments I live or when I imagine a crazy scenario. I'm trying to focus on shooting now crazy/weird scenarios I imagine in my head. It's way more complicated than diary pictures but I can't wait to make it happen. 

What are you currently listening to?Constantly listening to Lana Del Rey, Elvis Presley, Bowie and also Grimes 8. 

Photographed between Mallorca and Malibu by Richie Davis, Carlos wears SAMA peices from our Movement 008 and Movement 009 collections.

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