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Akila photographed this saucy series of Chelsea on film wearing our 'Suman' artisanal fashion top.

model Chelsea Cunningham photographer Akila Berjaoui beauty Chloe Langford hair Madison Voloshin


We photographed Ondine on film at our friend's house in Rose Bay, wearing our first collection of artisanal off-the-shoulder frill tops. These bespoke pieces launch the artisanal fashion component of nagnAta.

The tops are made reusing antique textiles sourced from traditional Indian & Afghan tribal women's dress. The collection includes a variety of embroidery styles from the Sindh-Kutch region and ethnic styles of Gujarat including Rabari, Jat, Suf, Khaarek, Pako, Jat, Mutava and Ahir.

Sarah on film wearing our latest collection of naturally dyed indigo nagnAta TEES. We hand dyed the range of organic cotton tanks using indigo dye sourced from Avani Sustainable Community, located in the Himalayan foothills, where we volunteered last year in India.

Featuring our latest collection of artisanal tote bags and yoga mat bags made using hand embroidered textiles sourced from traditional tribal dress from the Kutch region of India.


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