$220.00 AUD

Bespoke hand embroidered and mirror embellished artisanal off-the-shoulder frill top, made reusing textiles sourced from traditional Indian dress. The feature frill fabric is unique on each top and the collection includes a variety of embroidery styles from traditional tribes including Rabari, Jat, Suf, Khaarek, Pako, Jat, Mutava and Ahir. The base fabric is made from cotton and hand dyed using vegetable dyes.

All materials have been hand selected by the nagnAta designers. There are many stories woven into each creation and no two styles are the same. The aged fabrics have been restored by hand, and due to the nature of antique materials may hold imperfections and inconsistencies. Please embrace any textile flaws as part of the individual beauty and charm of each bespoke piece.

Handcrafted in India.

Hand embroidered frill fabric featuring the traditional work of Indian and Afghanistan tribal women.
Designed as a one size fits all garment. Elastic is encased in cotton and fits firmly and comfortably around the shoulders and fits all sizes 6-14. Fit around the body is relaxed and the waist has encased elastic.
Old textiles, please spot clean only.


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