All dyes used to create Nagnata garments are low impact, Azo-free. These dyes do not consist of nitrogen-based compounds which liberate amines. These dyes are eco-friendly and eliminate the use of toxic compounds. 

 Azo-free dyes have a higher absorption rate reducing the use of chemicals, giving out lesser water wastage into the environment. The absorption rate into the clothing goes up to 70%, making the dye eco-friendly. These dyes do not contain the use of heavy metals, which makes it more sensitive towards the environment as well as human health. 

 With the introduction of our ART + activism tee shirts, we chose to work only with water-based ink. Other print techniques use plastics and fixatives, which have a higher chemical component and originate from fossil fuels. 

 Nagnata is incorporating natural dyes into the contemporary movement lines. These dyes are derived from the earth allowing the brand to merge the artisanal and technical, creating a more regenerative production model.  


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