As Nagnata grows and evolves, so does the brand’s sustainability goals. We are working towards removing virgin synthetics in our product, as recycled yarn options become more available for our technical needs they can be worked into our engineered knitwear garments. 

 Our mission is to create fully traceable apparel, channels for yarn and garments to be recycled and eventually a circular product. Nagnata is working towards this through non-chemical dyes, organic fibres, and biodegradable yarn blends. 

Nagnata is drawing inspiration from its roots to inform the future. The brand has come full circle, originally working with artisan collectives to create bespoke and sustainable products. The creation of traditional and upcycled products provide economic support and meaningful work, empowering communities by celebrating traditional handcrafts. 

 As part of the VAMFF Award for Sustainability in 2020 Nagnata received a sustainability mentorship. As a small business this is an extremely valuable resource and support in helping us to work towards our sustainability goals. 


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