In 2014 NAGNATA collaborated with charitable trust Women Weave to create a bespoke range of hand woven organic cotton scarves. Based in Madhya Pradesh, India, Women Weave initiated a handloom revival project to support the role of women working in traditional handloom weaving.

The organic cotton used in the scarves is grown and spun locally and dyed using natural dye-stuff and traditional fermentation methods. NAGNATA’S project with Women Weave focused on cultivating women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation and sustainability.

Indian handloom has the potential to be part of the growing worldwide appreciation of traditional artisan work and the revaluation of handcrafts cultural, economical and environmental importance in rural communities. Working closely with the weavers in the village NAGNATA experienced how providing artisans work can have a positive impact on the women’s lives and their families. Through supporting handloom weaving the brand aims to help make weaving a sustainable and dignified income-earning art for rural women in India.

NAGNATA’S collaboration with Women Weave signifies the brands efforts towards ethically minded entrepreneurialism and helping to build a healthier future for communities in need.



SUSTAINABLE NATURAL DYES _ The natural dyes are sourced sustainably from the leaves, twigs and fruits of trees and shrubs planted specifically to harvest the dye product and share ingredient sources with Ayurvedic medicine. To ensure sustainability the indigo, yellow, brown and earth colours are made from leaves rather than flowers, bark and roots.

Only one third of these leaves are plucked from each bush and will be revisited only after three years.


The traditional cotton Chipa block printers of Rajasthan have a saying, ‘Jisme rang hai usme dawai hai.’ Whatever contains colour contains medicine.

The natural dyes used on NAGNATA’S scarves are non-toxic and have light, wash and rub fast properties equal to or better than synthetic dyes.


THE HANDLOOM SCHOOL _ NAGNATA visited students of The Handloom School, an initiative founded by Women Weave to educate and train youths in rural villages who possess traditional weaving skills but have no access to an academic education. India is the largest producer of hand woven cloth in the world, however younger generations are losing interest in the artisan craft.

The NAGNATA designers spent time working with the students to help them realise that tomorrow’s handloom could have far greater value than today’s. It’s through Women Weave’s progressive training that these youths can become the artisans, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs who will take Indian handloom forward.


NAGNATA X Women Weave scarves are designed as versatile textile pieces that can be used as yoga and meditation shawls, beach throws, turbans and adornment for your home.