Earlier this month NAGNATA featured on UK YouTube group, NAVYA.

Faith, Angel + Esme tell us how they feel wearing our NAGNATA merino movement collection in collaboration with The Woolmark Company.

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one-half one-half

Faith Harper, presenter

‘This two-piece is super comfortable, which is the most important thing for me – you can really move around in it, and it fits well. Plus, it makes your figure look good.’

one-half one-half

Angel Morét, presenter

‘I’d wear this anywhere, that’s what’s so cool about it. There’s no one designated place for this look. And I like that it’s sustainable.’


one-half one-half

Esme Navarrete, presenter

‘The pieces are super stretchy, so they’re good for different body shapes. I’d wear this exactly how it is, and with sneakers.’