We met Dani on a sweet Spring afternoon in LA. She grew up in Virginia in a small town called Gainesville, before moving to LA at age 12. She went to college for a while in San Francisco 'because that's what we were told we're supposed to do' but didn't love it, so she returned to LA to model. 


Dani has doll like features with a rock 'n roll sensibility. A free roaming sense of spirit. The kind of girl who can keep a small town pace in a fast paced city.  She's a Leo with a silly and sweet personality. Milky skin and a gap toothed smile.
The kind of girl boys write love songs about. 


Laura May spoke to Dani about the books and music on her mind.
Read below for a quick 5 NAGNATA QA with Dani Dollinger.


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LAURA MAY: What was it like growing up in Gainesville, Virginia?


 DANI : Well, in Virginia I grew up on a house with acres of land. Endless trees to climb and plenty of hills to roll down with friends. I was outside a lot. We lived by a little farmers market I could easily walk to, they knew me there. It was the kind of town where everyone knew each other’s name type of thing. I have good memories there.

I was free to be a kid and I’ll never take that for granted.


LAURA MAY: What books are you reading, and interesting documentaries you've watched lately? 


DANI : I’m currently reading Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh.
A few books that I love are Edie; American Girl, Valley Of The Dolls, Beautiful Boy.
As far as documentaries I watch a lot on musicians and bands. Last night I watched John and Yoko which was beautiful and sad. 


LAURA MAY: What hobbies or creative projects do you work on purely for pleasure?


DANI: My boyfriend actually just gave me an old point and shoot film camera of his and I love it! It’s nice to be on the other side of the camera for a change. I bring it with me whenever I go out and try to catch authentic moments with my friends or whoever. 
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LAURA MAY: Song or words to live by?

DANI : Heroes by David Bowie. He's my favourite everything.
I don't live by any any particular words, just trying to take life day by day and love the people around me.
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LAURA MAY: How would those closest to you describe you in 3 words ?


DANI : I'll ask my boyfriend Marlon as he is sitting next to me;
he says compassionate, funny, and resilient.
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