We spoke with visual artist, model and Nagnata girl Bella Thomas to explore authentic self, where she sources her inspiriation and self-care rituals.

Who, where or what inspires you most?
 Spending time away from the mundane everyday inspires me the most. So definitely travel but even if it's something that slightly interrupts my schedule or attention. My eyes are always searching for those moments.  

How would you describe authentic self?
Focusing on what makes me happy. 

And when do you feel your most authentic?
When I'm on my own, well at least this is how I recharge. I like to sit with myself and remind myself of who I am and all that comes with that. If I can be confident in this it makes it easier day to day to always be my authentic self.  

Next destination on your travel wish list?
Along with everyone else, Europe!!! 

Can you please share with us any lessons learned, or moments of realisation during the last year of lockdowns?
I think I had a big moment of realising I don't want to do anything that won't bring me joy. Time is so precious, so wherever I can I want to honour the time that I have and focus on doing things, and being around people I love.  

What are your daily or weekly self care rituals?
Long walks just after the sun is up and reading fiction. I love to escape my reality, I find it very calming. Keeps me in tune with my creativity too.  

What is the last series/film, book or podcast that really struck a chord with you and why?
I just finished Ted Lasso, loved it!! Honestly it just simply reminded me that kindness is so important, and that it will always win. You'll be laughing and crying.  

Can you share a playlist you unwind to?
Any playlist my friend Vicki Liang creates, she's a wizard at them. 

Photographer: Brigette Clarke

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