We spent the day exploring the best of Byron Bay with with Joanne Palmaro. Starting with a coffee at home, we made our way to the beautiful Tea Tree lakes for a picnic then onto our favourite dinner spot, Kouzina.  


Name: Joanne Palmaro

Star Sign: Pisces

Nationality: French

1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in the south of France in Nice and currently live in Paris. 

2. What movement practices or rituals do you do to stay mentally and physically healthy and feeling good?

I love to walk an hour a day, take power naps, go to Xtend Barre 3 times a week, drink lots of water and eat everything i feel like eating to give me the glow of life.

3. Any interesting books you've read lately that have impacted you ?

Le Papalagui by Erich Sheurmann had a beautiful impact on me, plus all the books by Albert Camus. Especially La Peste. 

4. Describe your ideal day in Byron?

Get up and have a coffee at home or in town, followed by a swim and soaking up the morning sun at Watego's. Eat some delicious and healthy food in good company, crack a fresh coconut + go on a pilgrimage with some amazing women at the Tea Tree Lake. I love being in the car listening to my favourite songs and driving through the oldest trees and secret spots. Then in the afternoon, chilling in the garden and oscillate between reading books, napping and just taking in the nature. After that i'm ready for the night to begin!

5. Favourite places to eat in Byron/what dishes do you order?

I love Kouzina, I order everything!

Santos, i love their Açaí bowls they are so good!

Raes, the pasta! i couldn't believe how good it was.

Roadhouse, Eggs, toast and a Cappuccino!

6. What do you like about NAGNATA?

I love the spirit of Nagnata, it's environmentally conscious, its sporty yet chic, the colours are all so beautiful and it's just the perfect wardrobe staple for powerful and confident women.

Photographer: Brigette Clark

With special thanks to Sarah Maggie for her beautiful food spread.